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3 Healthy Drink Recipes

June 5, 2018

1.Smoothies of grapefruit and raspberries


Grapefruit – 2

Raspberry – 180 g

Water – 100 ml


Combine grapefruits, raspberries and water in a blender. Blend about 1 minute until smooth. Add ice if desired. Enjoy!

2. Strawberry smoothie


Strawberries – 1 cup

Skim milk – 500 ml

Oatmeal flakes – 80 g

Low-fat yogurt – 160

Flax seeds – 40 g


To make a tasty and healthy smoothie based on milk and strawberries, you need to combine all ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.

3.Green smoothies with coconut milk


Spinach 1 cup

Coconut milk 3/4 cup

Pineapple 1 cup


Mix the spinach and coconut milk in the blender bowl.

Add the pineapple and blend again.



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