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3 Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

June 2, 2018

1. Avoid 
adding sugar to your coffee

It’s not a secret, that sugar could bring you nothing good for you body but only treat a little your taste buds. At the same time, one teaspoon of sugar adds 30 calories to your drink. If you can’t imagine your life without a sweetener in your coffee  use  natural sweeteners – maple syrup, honey or cinnamon. Your drink will even taste better.

  1. Use natural milk instead of artificial creamers

Cream for coffee contains a long list of artificial ingredients and a considerable amount of sugar. To make your coffee healthier, use natural milk: there are soybean, coconut, almond, banana – they all differ from each other to taste, so you can experiment and choose what you like.

  1. Avoid drinking too much

Drinking coffee is all about balancing it’s risks and benefits but drinking too much may cause adverse side effects. However, this depends on the amount of caffeine consumed. Drinking three cups of coffee a day is harmless and may have benefits for your health.

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