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10 museums from around the world that you can visit virtually

April 4, 2020

During quarantine, almost everything went online like the distance education, sport activities, meditation, yoga classes, cooking courses, and much more. Museums and galleries are no exception. You can enjoy art directly from your sofa without leaving your home. Rebelle Magazine has gathered 10 of the most famous museums that you can visit virtually and get inspiration and aesthetics.

The Pinacoteca di Brera is the most famous art gallery in Milan. It occupies 38 rooms in the Baroque palazzo, built at the end of the 16th century. Take a virtual tour without leaving your home to see the works of Luigi Steffany, Giuseppe Canella, Marco Gozzi, Francesco Guardi and many others.

Here is one of the richest and most significant world collections of European art of the XIII-XX centuries. You can walk through the halls without getting up from the couch and see various murals and sculptures, paintings by famous artists.

The Vatican Museums has a galaxy of exhibition halls and galleries. The total length of the galleries is about 7 kilometers. But don’t worry you can visit all of them directly from your home sitting on your sofa.

Here are more than 20 thousand exhibits of various eras, styles and directions. The National Archaeological Museum exhibits art forms such as sculpture, ceramics and bronze castings.

About 2 million tourists visit Prado museum every year but during quarantine this can be done from home. The museum’s collection contains works of Spanish painting and sculpture, collected over several centuries.

Despite the fact that not all the halls are available in the virtual tour you can completely immerse yourself into atmosphere of France and take a walk on the floors of this magnificent building.

Galleries with a length of 4 km show art lovers masterpieces of painting and sculpture, artifacts and unique books. You are able to make a virtual tour of the most famous halls of the famous sights of Great Britain.

In 19 exhibition halls there are masterpieces bought from private collections. The museum’s online archive contains about 400 thousand works and some images can even be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes.

The gallery was created by American collector and financier W. Mellon. He began collecting sculptures and paintings from the age of 20. The works of European and American masters are presented here. The collection contains more than 1200 paintings.

The Hermitage is called the Louvre Museum of Western Europe. This palace has seen the rise and fall of the empire and keeps in its halls many of the assets of world history and art. The website visitors will have the opportunity to review the main collections and expositions of this magnificent building, as well as learn about the history and architecture of the palace.

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