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The most popular Italian drink: grappa

April 4, 2020

Grappa is a strong grape drink native to Italy, which is gaining more and more popularity among the gourmets of the world. We tell you what types of grappa exist, how to properly submit it and, most importantly, what to combine with.

The history of grappa originates in the 18th century in the Italian commune of Bassano del Grappa, which is located near Venice. At first, the grape drink was made only for the disposal of wine production waste, but soon the sophisticated taste of grappa began to captivate Italian gourmets, and local winemakers began to produce it as an independent drink. Today grappa in Italy is the same national drink as cognac in France, whiskey in Scotland or sherry in Portugal.

Grappa is made from grape spirit obtained by fermentation of grape pomace remaining after making wine, with a strength of 38% to 60%. The resulting alcohol is distilled in two ways: the first in copper distillation cubes or in alambiks (according to the old-fashioned method), the second in continuous-cycle columns.  After the distillation is complete, the drink is either immediately bottled (young grappa) or aged from six months to several years in wooden barrels. In addition, some farms additionally insist grappa on herbs and fruits, which gives the drink an unusually bright taste and aroma.

Types of grappa by aging, grape variety and region of production
Blanka– young grappa, white, without exposure.
Affinata in legno – grappa, aged in barrels for 6 months, with a mild taste and a dark shade.
Invecchiata (Vecchia) – “old” grappa aged in barrels from 12 to 18 months.
Aromatizzata – grappa made from grape spirits infused with fruits, berries and spices.
Uve – grappa with a characteristic strength and pure wine aroma, made from whole grapes.
Grappa soft – low degree grappa, 13-30%.
Grappa di Barolo (di Piemonto, Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino, Alto Adige, Friuli) – production region (the best grappa from the regions in Veneto and Friuli).

To enjoy the enveloping taste and aroma of grappa, you should choose the right accompaniment to the drink. As a traditional snack, any hearty dish is suitable, as well as desserts: fruits, especially citrus fruits, ice cream or dark chocolate.

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