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Surreal Dream World By Turkish Artist

June 5, 2018

Turkish artist Aykut Aydogdu looks at love as a surrealist. And this is his peculiarity.  He is a master of digital drawing. Aykut Aydogdu is an illustrator that produces a surreal and dreaming artworks with hidden and romantic meanings.

The main character of the majority of his creations is a woman who is in love, a sense which drives her crazy. She is passionate, unpredictable, dreamy, unrestrained, romantic and even suffering. Women are not all happy in the pictures of Aikut Aidogdu. Not all women are happy in the pictures Aykut Aydogdu.  But even love is not always a pure happiness. Love should not be destructive, according to the artist. The heroine of his stories leads only to a happy and creative relationship.


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