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Top 10 Safest Beaches in Europe after Coronavirus

August 17, 2020

The travel magazine European Best Destinations published the safest beaches for summer vacations during pandemic. The first place was taken by the Greek beach of Preveza on the coast of the Ambracian Gulf; this amazing sandy beach is considered as the longest in Europe. Comporta beach in Portugal took the second place in the rating: this small paradise is located between sea and rice fields.

To create the rating, experts took in consideration the following important factors: the number of cases of coronavirus infections, the length of beaches and the number of square meters per person.

Here the top 10 safest beaches for summer 2020:

  1. Preveza (Greece)
  2. Comporta (Portugal)
  3. Hel Peninsula (Poland)
  4. Porto Santo Island (Portugal)
  5. Halikounas Beach (Greece)
  6. Riviera Beach (Malta)
  7. Meia Praia beach (Portugal)
  8. Jurmala (Latvia)
  9. Nida (Lithuania)
  10. Binz Beach (Germany)

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