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June 20, 2018

Summer is always a time for discovery, including the world of literary.  Asides of your favourite red dress, make sure to pack those books from summer must-read list. These stories will not only bring you spiritual enjoyment, but also boost your inspiration for the whole year.

Lee Geneva, Command Me 

Geneva Lee is the New York Times, USA Today, and internally bestselling author of over a dozen novels.
“When he kissed me, I was shocked. He was a stranger and still so familiar. It wasn’t until I woke up to my picture splashed on the cover of tabloids that I realized I knew who he was. Prince Alexander of Cambridge. Royal bad boy. Exiled heir to the throne. He isn’t Prince Charming. He’s controlling. He’s demanding. He’s dangerous. And I can’t say no to him. We both have secrets-secrets that could tear us apart or drive us closer together-and as the paparazzi exposes each one, I have to decide just how far I’m willing to go for King and Country.”

Liv Constantine, The Last Mrs. Parrish

Liv Constantine is the pen name of bestselling authors and sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. The Last Mrs. Parrish is their debut thriller and a psychological suspense with shocking twists and dark secrets that will capture the reader from the very beginning.
“Amber Patterson is tired of being a nobody: an invisible woman who melts into the background. She deserves more. She deserves a life of wealth, luxury and leisure. Daphne Parrish is the golden girl of Bishops Harbor, Connecticut. With her model looks, her picture-perfect mansion and her millionaire husband, Jackson, she has everything Amber wants. Amber’s envy could eat her alive―if she didn’t have a plan. Before long, she has become Daphne’s closest friend, and is catching the eye of Jackson. But a skeleton from her past could destroy everything, and if discovered, Amber’s well-laid plan may end in disaster…”

Sofia Lundberg, The Red Address Book 

The Red Address Book is a debut novel by Sophia Lundberg. She is a famous swedish journalist and former magazine editor. Her successful book was published in 28 countries.
“96-year-old Doris has had the same address book since 1928. The little red book holds her very own pearl necklace, the people she has met and loved throughout her life. Now Doris lives alone in an apartment in central Stockholm. Most of the names in her book are crossed over, gone from this world, and her only visitors are from the home care. Doris’ greatest source of joy are the calls from her grandniece Jenny on the other side of the Atlantic. One day Doris begins to write down the story of how she met the people that shaped her life, so that Jenny, who will be the only one to remember Doris, will be able to share her most precious possession: her memories.”

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